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We love working with ​first time jet flyers as well as season jet setters.  The jet charter business is dynamic with ever evolving technologies that make jet chartering more efficient and, at the same time, more competitive. Using cutting edge tech, we're often able to be same day charter prices of jet membership and factional jet ownership programs like XO Jet, NetJets, Wheels Up, Jettly, Magellan Jets, Clay Lacy, PlaneSense, Jet Linx, Sentient Jet, Nichols Air, Starts Jets, Paramount Business Jets, FlexJet, and other Jet Card Programs. Because software connectivity is bringing the jet world together, jets are booking more quickly and for less, however, with the ease of access, availability turns over faster which requires your jet broker to be on the ball all the time and respected amongst industry peers to get you the best jet charter options and pricing.



Ask a Pilot

{ for their perspective }

Most of our JetReps are also pilots themselves who have flown everything from helicopters to large business jets and even 737s to every part of the world. Our JetRep team is staffed with experienced aviators who have flow heads-of-state, dignitaries and VIPs of every stature.  Since the Jet Gurus employees seasoned pilots, not only can we field questions about the world of jet chartering but we can also answer all your questions about flying on private airplanes with pilot know-how. 

Jet Chartering 101

Frequently Asked Questions 

Maybe you aren't even sure what to ask.  Here are some ideas for questions to ask when you consider who to select to be your jet charter representative:

  1. What is the difference between a jet that is certified for "Part 91" flights versus a jet that is certified for "Part 135" flights? {there's a big difference between Part 91 vs Part 135 pilots and airplane operations in pilot training and qualification requirements, aircraft maintenance requirements, insurance and aircraft safety requirements}

    1. A friend of a friend has a jet, how do I know if it is certified for Part 91 or Part 135 operation? 

    2. Are Part 91 Jets required to be maintained by mechanics on drug monitoring programs?

    3. Are used jet parts bought off of eBay allowed to be installed on Part 91 jets? or Part 135 jets? 

    4. Are Part 91 Pilots required to maintained the same safety standards as Part 135 Pilots with respect to flying in weather, drinking before a flight, drug testing and monitoring, uninterrupted sleep before a flight, length of crew duty day, and qualified to fly the aircraft?

  2. Why is it less expensive to charter a jet that is part of a floating fleet?

  3. Why is pairing up two 1-way jet charters less expensive than booking a roundtrip jet charter?

  4. Can friends of mine ride on the empty leg or reposition leg on a jet that I am chartering?

  5. How much is the tax per person to fly on a private jet and am I responsible

  6. What is a fuel surcharge on a jet flight?

  7. If there is bad weather, will I get charged more for weather delays or flight deviations?

  8. If I am late arriving for my flight will the jet still be there?  Will I get charged extra?

  9. How do I save many chartering empty legs on a jet?

  10. Why is it so much more expensive to charter an 8 seat jet versus a 10 seat jet?

  11. Is it possible to charter a single seat or share a private jet to save on the cost of the jet charter?

  12. Why is it that sometimes a turbine airplane, like a King Air 200 or Pilatus PC-12, is so much less expensive to charter than a jet ...yet sometimes they are more expensive?

  13. What is an "illegal jet charter"?

    1. Can I get in trouble for paying a friend to use his private jet?

    2. How do I know if a jet is legal or illegal to charter and why does it really even matter? 

    3. What are the fines for illegal jet chartering?

    4. How do I structure a dry lease to charter a friend's private jet so we don't get in trouble? {call us and ask .. we will be happy to share with you, for free, a dry-lease template that you can use to keep you legal}

  14. How can I check to see if a jet is being safely maintained and operated?

  15. Is a jet broker required to utilize a Part 135 Air Carrier or can they place me on a Part 91 Private Jet?

  16. Is a jet broker required to be licensed or certified by the FAA?

  17. Is a jet broker required to have insurance to cover me in the event of an accident?

  18. Is it safe for me to fly a jet that is over 20 years old?

  19. How do I find the best deal on international jet charters?

  20. What are the pitfalls of jet membership programs?

  21. Should I consider fractional jet ownership? 

Whatever your questions, we're here for you twenty-four/seven - ready to serve!

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