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Club Benefits

The Jet Club is designed to be concierge membership program with limited memberships available.  HQ at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, The Jet Club will offer private concierge membership services to not only provide you with access to a fleet of small, mid, super-mid and heavy jets but also handling premium services of any nature such as limo services, catering, events, reservations at 5-star hotels and restaurants, and more. 

Your Personal Pilot

We pride ourselves in working with the very best pilots in the industry.  You'll get to fly with the same pilots each time so they'll get to know you and spoil you ... You will absolutely  love flying with our pilots!

Same Friendly Team

You'll work with the same friendly staff every time you call.  Trained to take care of your every need from your flight coordination details to hotel reservations, limo service, catering, restaurant reservations and more ...

The Jet Club


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